OSHA SmartCompliance


Arm your business with first aid and emergency preparedness by utilizing this amazing offer and unparalleled business solution.

A very large amount businesses in the are federally mandated to have first aid solutions that are compliant with OSHA as well as ANSI standards which is a big deal. The SmartCompliance™ Program can ensure you’re covered. Check out our SmartCompliance™ stations and ezRefills.

With three integrated components, SmartCompliance is easy to use, saves you money and makes sure your business complies with federal and state OSHA regulations for your industry classification.

How SmartCompliance™ works and how you benefit from this innovative program.

Take advantage of the most comprehensive first aid solution available to businesses today which is driven by these three elements: Innovative Cabinet Design. A customizable cabinet that’s easy to use, easy to restock and eliminates disorganized and missing supplies. SmartTab ezRefill System. A simple, effective system for restocking your cabinet. Check out our SmartTab™ refills. Flexibility in Contents. Start with our base General Business or Food Service cabinets, then customize the contents to your needs as supplies are used. Select from a vast amount of first aid supplies available in standardized boxes that slide easily into the cabinet.

These SmartCompliance™ First Aid Program Cabinets are the ONLY First Aid Kits ANYWHERE that Guarantee your continued OSHA Compliance, but we also have a number of other kits that we guarantee meet OSHA & ANSI Standards for their designed uses.

  • Fully stocked, wall-mountable first aid cabinet that meets the requirements for first aid established by OSHA and ANSI
  • OSHA compliance guarantee
  • Contain the Items essential to Business First Aid Preparedness
  • Meet both Federal and State Regulatory Compliance
  • Convenient & Cost-effective Refills
  • Easy to Install
  • Replenishment options tailored to your needs
  • Ongoing monitoring of regulatory changes that impact first aid requirements in our workplace
  • Automatic, no-cost update of items affected by OSHA regulatory changes
  • Ordering refills is as easy as 1-2-3. Order online, by fax, phone. or mail - you get to choose
  • "At-a-glance" monitoring tells you when it is time to reorder
  • "Snap-in" refill boxes makes restocking easy

SmartTab ezRefill™

The SmartTab ezRefill™ system makes re-stocking your first aid supplies easy, convenient and less expensive. We know it’s unique looking. We planned it that way.

The yellow and black SmartTab ezRefill™ System design stands out and is noticeable to help you take full advantage of this convenient system. Check out our SmartTab ezRefill™ products.

How it works and how you benefit.

As you use your first aid and/or emergency preparedness supplies, SmartTabs will remind you to reorder the supplies you’re running low on. Simply use the information on the tab to reorder the correct supply.

How it’s better than traditional restocking methods.

Simplicity. The SmartTab ezRefill™ System’s yellow and black reminder tabs let you know when it’s time to reorder what you need. No more guessing. Cost. Our SmartTab ezRefill System has very low overhead, so we’re able to pass those savings to you. For consumers, this means lower costs for items that are made to fit the kit you have. For businesses, this means a savings of up to 30% off traditional van services and contractual obligations. Convenience. The SmartTab ezRefill™ System gives you reorder information at the right time. No more grabbing for a supply and discovering you no longer have it in your kit, or being overstocked on supplies you don’t need.

OSHA requires it. We just make it simple. With the SmartCompliance™ First Aid Service Program, staying compliant just got easier.

SmartCompliance™ First Aid Service Program with SmartTab™ ezRefill™

6 versions to choose from:

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