Mouth-To-Mouth Barrier w/ Gloves and 3 Wipes - 1 Set Per Box - GFAP-16-03

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Mouth-To-Mouth Barrier (One way valve) with 1 Pair Vinyl Gloves and 3 Antiseptic Wipes - 1 set per single unit box

1.One-way use.
2.More healthy and convenient
3.CPR 510K approval from FDA. Approval NO. : K102299
4.CPR Barrier – is approved by the Red Cross and contains visual icon based instructions

With one-way value.


1. Ensure the victim’s airway is clear and unobstructed.
2. Gently tilt the victim’s head back, at the same time lifting the chin.
3. Unfold the protective sheet.
4. Place the red part of the airway over the victim’s open mouth.
5. Pinch the victim’s nose together through the protective sheet.
6. Start mouth to mouth resuscitation.

Blow into the victim’s lungs until their chest rises.
Then remove your mouth, release the nose and watch the chest fall.
Repeat breaths according to your training.

Use this device in accordance with the training provided in a recognized CPR course.

Packaging is certified latex free.
This item has CE & FDA approval
Meets strict conformity with international standards - ISO9001, ISO13485
This item meets ANSI/ISEA Z308.1 color code standards for unitized first aid refill items. ANSI Information
This item is bilingual: English / Spanish

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