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From Survival Tips to First Aid Instruction, from full First Aid Lessons to Product Reviews and Funny Safety thoughts. Our Free Safety Videos will teach you a lot more than we can with product listings, so take a moment and see what you can learn. As always, we encourage you to share any or all of our free resources via email or social media with as many people as you like!

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A gift from us to you. We created this 22 minute free first aid video “How to use a First Aid Kit... What Your First Aid Course Didn’t Teach You” with American CPR Training™ to help you learn what all those funny first aid supplies in your first aid kits from First Aid Mart are (and how to use them properly!)


Learn about our CPR Kits and Supplies:


Bloodborne Pathogen & Spill Clean-up Kits… learn about what is in our PPE & BBP Kits – and Why.


Smart Compliance Video First Aid

Our OSHA SmartCompliance™ is the only first aid solution with an OSHA compliance guarantee… learn why:

Eye wash stations – What to look for, what is required, and how to use an eye wash station:


ANSI First Aid Kits. Why ANSI? What does it mean?


The Coolest AED on the Market:


More about our SmartCompliance™ First Aid Program, SmartTab Ez Refills, and New SmartPak™

See More CPR, First Aid and AED Videos and DVDs! See other Safety Videos


Here’s a great Video from FEMA and NBC featuring Our First Aid Kits and Food & Water Supplies!


Preparedness is a Family Project – Involve the Kids… Helping Prepare will help them prepare psychologically as well.

See Children’s Disaster Kits


FEMA & CERT Preparedness Recommendations

Get your Emergency Kit
Get CERT Gear


FEMA: Wireless Emergency Alerts
See our Emergency Supplies


Centers for Disease Control & Prevention (CDC) on National Preparedness
See our National Preparedness Kits

National Preparedness Month 2013: Be A Preparedness Hero
See our Emergency Supplies


CNN says “Your family's emergency kit is probably a disaster“

Take a moment, review your Emergency Kit Content, and get new


Fuzzy Family Members need Preparation too – here are some Pet Preparedness Ideas:!

See our Pet Emergency Supplies


Remember “Make a Plan” and “Be Informed” are two critical steps in National Preparedness – but what good is a plan if nobody knows about it?


Emergency Preparedness Tips in Sign Language.!
See our Emergency Supplies


Hurricane Kits
See our Hurricane Emergency Kits


The Origin – Probably the Coolest All-in-One Survival Tool Ever
Buy The SOL Origin

American Red Cross: The Emergency Kit You Don't Want To Have.
See American Red Cross Emergency Kits


Disaster Preparedness for Pets
See Our Pet Disaster Emergency Kits


The SOL Emergency Bivvy – A lot more than an “Emergency Blanket”
>Buy the SOL Bivvy


We had to share this because it is catchy, fun, conveys important messages…. And basically, just because we love it!


Zombie CPR!

In Canada Learn CPR through the Heart and Stroke Foundation of Canada

In the US, Get CPR, First Aid & AED Training through American CPR Training (Live quotes for group training at your location!)

Childhood throwback… and not bad to teach kids a valuable lesson

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