Maintaining body warmth when you may be exposed to cold or moist whether is imperative to your health. We carry a variety of blankets and bivvys to keep your temperature steady during an emergency situation. The 1 and 2 person solar blankets and bivvys retain body heat while the travel and fleece blankets are perfect for providing warmth when under a shelter such as a tent. When your temperature decreases, so does your well-being - Keep healthy with our emergency blankets!

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  1. Marine Survival Blanket - 4265
  2. Mayday Solar Sleeping Bag Folded
  3. Solar Emergency Blanket 84 x 52 - SH77ML
  4. Emergency Blanket - 5 Per Box - I800
  5. This sleeping bag folds up like a pillow. 100% polyester FDY.
  6. Emergency Blanket, 1 Each - SmartTab EzRefill - FAE-6010

    Emergency Blanket, 1 Each - SmartTab EzRefill - FAE-6010

    First Aid Only - Smart Tab ez Refill - Emergency Solar Blanket - mylar, 84x52 inch, 1 per box- convenient Smart Compliance Cabinet refill Learn More
  7. Paramedic / Emergency Blanket - Yellow - FA/11FP
  8. Emergency Blanket - 1 Per Box - B502
  9. The SOL Thermal Bivvy's extremely durable fabric resists rips and tears, and thanks to its soft face and aggressive side-venting, it can be pushed into duty as a stand-alone sleep system in warmer weather
  10. The Survive Outdoors Longer® Emergency Blanket - convenient packaging for retail display

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