Winter Safety Tips

Winter Safety Tips are a hot topic right now (pun intended) we thought we'd bring you a few from the FEMA Community pages:

Here are a few winter safety tips: what are yours?

  • Gas stations & ATMs may not work while the power is out. Fill your car's tank & get cash out so you have what you need.
  • Use flashlights for emergency lighting. NEVER use candles due to increased risk of fire.
  • If using a generator during a power outage, always run it outside & away from windows to avoid carbon monoxide.
  • Bundle up to stay warm but make sure you can see in all directions and move easily and freely.
  • Wear sturdy shoes or boots with treads, even if you're just going out to get the newspaper.
  • Do some light stretching before you venture out; it will make you physically more able to prevent a fall.
  • Carry a small bag of salt, sand or kitty litter in your pocket or purse to sprinkle in front of you for traction on icy paths.
  • Avoid walking on surfaces that may be icy if you can. If you can't, slow down, shorten your stride, walk with feet pointed out slightly and knees gently bent to improve traction and balance.
  • Snow can hide curbs and uneven surfaces. If you can't see where your foot will land, find another way.
  • Replace worn rubber tips on canes, walkers and crutches. Ask a mobility equipment dealer about winter canes or cleats you can add to existing equipment.
  • Dry off shoes, canes, crutches and walkers as soon as you get indoors. Wet shoes on dry surfaces are just as dangerous as dry shoes on wet surfaces.
    If you are going out alone, carry a cell phone; know who you will call if you fall, and make sure that person knows what to do if you call.
  • Walk flat-footed on ice.  Take small "baby" steps tp maintain your stability.  If you are proficient at roller- or ice-skating, then you can even "skate" across the ice flat-footed in your boots or shoes.
  • Maintain at LEAST a half-tank of gas in your vehicle at all times during winter months.  This helps with easier starts and allows a cushion in case of emergency to evacuate or reach a destination.  It also prevents gas line freeze.
  • Keep extra hand warmers, the kind you pop the chemicals inside the package to generate heat.  These can be used to wrap around frozen bottled water in your car or home.  Simply activate a couple warmers and wrap them around the bottles water to melt the water.
  • Make dried jerky and our own trail mixes and dried fruits for emergency rations to keep at home and in our vehicles during the winter months.  If you are ever stuck, these will come in handy.
  • Remember emergency rations for your pets, too.
  • Have comfort food and card or board games on hand to get through emergency situations.  Hershey kisses, candy land, memory, scrabble, would be amazed at how much this helps pass the time in a fun way and ease the stresses of emergencies.
  • Drink plenty of water to prevent dehydration, which can affect your balance as well as how your body responds to medication.
  • Ask your doctor or physical therapist about indoor exercises that can help you maintain strength and balance when you can't venture out.
  • Wear sunglasses to reduce glare from the sun and snow and ensure that you can see where you are walking.
  • Carry a cleaning cloth and stop immediately to clean your glasses if they fog up going from outdoors to indoors.
  • Ask your post office, newspaper and garbage collector about service options that might make it safer for you when conditions are bad.
  • Slow Down, you'll live longer.  First, we had rain;  Then freezing rain;  Then snow.  Simply deceptive, driving as if you were on regular snow will lead to lose-of-control of your vehicle in a heartbeat.  If you Must drive in this kind of weather, leave early and take your time.  Just because others are speeding by you does not mean they're driving safe.  Black ice is out there in weather like this.  Talking from experience... read about Winter Driving Safety
  • When in doubt, don't risk it. Ask for help if you don't feel safe doing something.

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