Disaster-Survival-First-Aid-MartIf a winter storm should strike, do you have safeguards in place to protect your business? Preparing your business for both short and long-term interruptions is important. Additionally, business owners should consider having an action or communications plan for their employees. What can a business do? Assign a leader and get these thing done for the sake of continuing your business after the storms, and for the safety of your employees and visitors: Before the Storm
  • Check your insurance coverage protection against winter hazards;
  • Develop a procedure for restoring electrical services on an item-by-item basis; and
  • Develop a procedure for relocating salvageable and undamaged stock and supplies.
  • Have emergency supplies on hand to care for your group for 72 hours or longer
During the Storm
  • Keep driveways, walkways, and doorways clear of snow and ice;
  • Open water faucets to let them drip to keep water flowing through the pipes vulnerable to freezing; and
  • Have the names and phone numbers of your heating contractor, plumber, fire department, insurance agent, and building owner accessible.