What's a Thunderclap? #NatlPrep, #NPMThunderclap

Thunderclap is a “crowd speaking platform” promoting a  jointly branded message from the Ready Campaign and America’s PrepareAthon! to remind Americans about the beginning of National Preparedness Month. National-Preparedness-Community-Thunderclap

#NatlPrep will launch on September 2nd at 2 pm EST through Facebook, Twitter and Tumblr.  Thunderclap has been used by the White House, United Nations, Veterans Administration and more.  The Ready campaign launched a successful New Year’s Thunderclap supporting “Resolve to Be Ready” in 2014 reaching 1,304,972 people.

                       How Can You Get Invovled?

Join the National Preparedness Month Thunderclap- it takes 30 seconds to donate a Tweet and/or Facebook post.

Hand out "Disaster Preparedness Gifts" to employees/co-workers, Community Group Members, Friends, Family and more - see our Under $1 Survival Items!

Please consider joining as soon as possible. Our Thunderclap can only be successful by first reaching a minimum goal of 250 supporters by September 2nd.

Note:  Thunderclap will require temporary access to your social media account (like Hootsuite), after the campaign on 9/2 please revoke access to the application.

For more information about how to join the Thunderclap visit: 


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