Shake, Boom, Slam, Rumble, Roll, Thud. Was that an Earthquake?

Earthquakes are not just a California Phenomenon. They occur in Ohio, Illinois, Hawaii, Oregon, Texas... everywhere.

We are deep in Earthquake Country, in North Coastal San Diego County, so we are pretty used to earthquakes - both large and small... the problem is knowing if the little ones are really earthquakes or not. When a major shaker comes through, it hits the news, and we also hear a lot about "after-shocks" and to be ready in case they occur. Hello... what about warning before? Well, Earthquake prediction is a young science, still akin to an art in some minds, closer too a Ouija Board in others. But we DO know that there can be "fore-shocks" as well, so we can get some warning to batten down the hatches and hold on.

Prepare! Prepare!

Problem. Remember we explained we're on the coast in North San Diego County. This means we're on the edge of Camp Pendleton, one of the largest Military bases in the world at 125,000 acres.. Could that be shelling sounds from artillery practice aims at nearby San Clemente Island? Maybe a sonic boom? (Lucky us! We also have Marine Corps Air Station Miramar just South of us.) It's important to know when a tremor is geological, so how can one tell?

USGSThere's an App for that!
Ahhh... technology! No londer a need to scan the local radio broadcast, or hope for something on TV News"

ShakeMap and ShakeCast are post-earthquake information tools for rapid situational awareness, using data from seismic monitoring systems to help emergency managers gauge an earthquake’s impact and plan response activities. These tools can be found at

Preparedness is everything, and whether in Kent or Kalamazoo, you need to be prepared!