While World TB Day was just a few days ago, awareness and efforts to end the Spread of Tuberculosis need to  continue year round. According to the CDC, after twenty years of annual declines in reported tuberculosis (TB) cases, progress toward TB elimination in the United States appears to have stalled. Understand that TB is not blatantly obvious - not everyone infected with TB bacteria is sick; millions of US residents have latent TB infection and could become sick with TB disease at some point in their lives. The CDC and others work hard to provide resources for providers, patients, and to  offer TB programs that can strengthen efforts to diagnose, treat, and ultimately eliminate TB disease and latent TB infections.

Resources for TB Programs

Protect yourself against the risk of Tuberculosis exposure. Our safety booklets, CD-ROMS, DVD programs, and compliance kits will provide you and your employees with all the information you need regarding prevention of Tuberculosis. Following OSHA standards, you can rest assured that you are compliant within your industry. There is even a poster available to serve as a daily reference.