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  1. Recommendation for Zika Prevention
    Categories: Outdoor Safety

    Recommendation for Zika Prevention

    We've been sharing information about Zika, including What Permethrin Is,  Now we've got more great news - Good Morning America recently shared our Natrapel Insect repellent as a recommended solution to Prevent Zika! We've long known that Natrapel is The Best Way to Stop Bug Bites according to Consumer Reports, and you need the to be Ready for Adventure, but now it is out...
  2. Zika Outbreak Escalation
    Categories: Flu & Pandemic

    Zika Outbreak Escalation

    While the Zika Virus is still not a major concern in the US, the CDC activated its Emergency Operations Center (EOC) to respond to outbreaks of Zika occurring in the Americas and increased reports of birth defects and Guillain-Barré syndrome in areas affected by Zika. On February 1, 2016, the World Health Organization declared a Public Health Emergency of International Concern...
  3. Zika Scare
    Categories: Health and First Aid Advice for Seniors, Health Tips, Outdoor Safety & Flu & Pandemic

    Zika Scare

    There's a lot of hype around the Zika Virus, and just like when everyone was panicking over Ebola last year, there'a a lot of media exaggeration, social rumor, and misinformation out there. What is Zika? Zika virus disease exhibits symptoms including fever, rash, joint pain, and conjunctivitis (red eyes). The illness is usually mild with symptoms lasting from several days to a...

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