1. Prepare for Wildfire Season - Free Tools
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    Prepare for Wildfire Season - Free Tools

    You can participate in Wildfire Community Preparedness Day, Saturday, May 6, by organizing an event to clear dried leaves and other flammable debris from your neighborhood. ?    Preparing for Wildfires ?    How to know if a Wildfire is near you. ?    Do you live in a Wildfire Prone Area? ?    Wildfire Safety ?    Stay healthy...
  2. Ember Alert
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    Ember Alert

    Wildfire Season is coming... We are based in Sunny Southern California, and while we've seen raging wildfires all over lately (even in green Canada!) wildfires are something we think about often - and you should, too... no matter where you are. Read some helpful information to get ready: »  Preparing for Wildfires »  How to know if a Wildfire is...
  3. Safety Line Features FirstAidMart.com
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    Safety Line Features FirstAidMart.com

    We are pleased to have been featured in Phoenix Contact's Spring SafetyLine edition.   Safety Line is a A Phoenix Contact publication on safety and related issues distributed to employees their approximately 12,900 employees in 50 international subsidiaries. The newsletter is to help their employees  at work and at home. Their publication of "An unpredictable spring" featured our articles on Thunderstorms  Tornadoes Flooding Wildfires...
  4. Categories: CERT - Community Emergency Response Teams, Fire Safety & Evacuation, National Preparedness Month & Disaster & Survival Forum

    It is been a WILD Week

    Here we are at the end of the second week of National Preparedness Month, this past week, the focus has been on Wildfire safety and preparedness - next week, we'll address Hurricane Safety - one of the largest concerns in the US after Katrina & Sandy (and don't think Hurricanes aren't a concern if you live away from the coast!) How to...
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    How to know if a Wildfire is near you.

    Wildfires are roaring, and smoke is deceiving. How do you know if a wildfire is heading your way? Keep track of fires near your community with: www.smokeybear.com/wildfire-map @smokey_bear Know what to do before, during and after a wildfire to keep safe: Do you live in a Wildfire Prone Area? Wildfire Safety Wildfires Stay healthy and safe during a Wildfire Disaster...
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    FEMA Safe Rooms

    Having a FEMA safe room or International Code Council 500 storm shelter in your home or small business can help provide near-absolute protection for your family or employees during extreme weather events such as tornadoes and hurricanes, but safe rooms must be built correctly to ensure occupants are protected from injury or death. In the FEMA publication, “Taking Shelter from...
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    It Started Like Any Other Day: National Preparedness, Are YOU Ready?

    Readiness - It's a state of preparedness AND a state of mind. But one cannot be mentally prepared if not physically prepared, trained, and equipped for sudden exigencies. “I didn’t think it was gonna be as bad as it was, to be honest. I didn’t think that if we lost power, it would be as long as we actually lost...
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    The Preppers are Coming!

    Are you a Prepper? You should be. The Ready Campaign established four universal building blocks of emergency preparedness: Be informed, Make a Plan, Build a Kit and Get Involved.  America’s PrepareAthon! builds on this foundation by encouraging millions of Americans to focus on a simple, specific activity that will increase preparedness.  America’s PrepareAthon! a new national community-based campaign for action...
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    National Preparedness Month: Focus on Natural Disasters

    Where are you? What's your concern? Are you sure? Not everyone really knows their risks. How does one prepare for what is unknown? Hurricanes cause inland flooding. Earthquakes happen everywhere. (It's not just we Californians that needs to prepare for a shake!) Know the particulars for all natural disasters including; Drought, Earthquakes, Extreme Heat, Floods, Hurricanes, Landslides, Debris Flow, Severe Weather...
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    Summer Surprises and Safety

    When you are walking or playing sports, attending summer camps, vacationing, or having general fun with friends and family, make sure you know your risks and are prepared to take action against heat distress, poor air quality, lightning strikes, wildfires, floods, rip currents, hurricanes and tornadoes… just to name a few.  Summer Safety means being Weather-Ready. This summer, the National Oceanic...

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