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    Vintage First Aid Kits

    They are so cool. Whether turn-of-the-century (last century) U.S. brands, or vintage euro-first aid, they're hot. They are all over eBay, Etsy, even Wired Magazine did a recent feature, calling them "the prettiest way to dress a wound." (Somehow Wired doing a feature on Vintage seems to be an Oxymoron.) Nevertheless, as much as we may love these kits ourselves, too...
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    First Aid Kit - Now 125 Years old! An American Invention.

    Obviously we are "Into First Aid"... that is what is all about... but there's more to first aid than just a box of band-aids... it is about thoughtful preparedness, design, ease of access, and knowledge of First Aid Skills, too. This week Vanity Fair brought us news of the 125th Anniversary of the First Aid Kit as celebrated by...

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