1. Texas Turkeys with Ebola: Not.
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    Texas Turkeys with Ebola: Not.

    Just a Heads Up to our readers... Ebola is serous business, and with Thanksgiving approaching it is likely this will be circulating anew this year, so beware... it is supposed to be funny - tasteless perhaps, but not a true warning - note from the CDC: A Note About Ebola On November 10, 2014, a fictitious, comedic article was published online...
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    It's Turkey Time: Safely Prepare Your Holiday Meal

    Thanksgiving is coming up fast! Have your menu planned? Your guest list? Have you thought about food safety, kitchen safety & burns? You should - with that many people milling around the house and kitchen, you should think these things out in advance... Whether you're a seasoned chef or a novice preparing your first holiday meal, make sure you know...

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