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    TB or not TB - great strides are being made against Tuberculosis. Globally, two billion people are infected with tuberculosis (TB), the world’s leading infectious disease killer. TB is deadly and it can also be resistant to antibiotics. Each year, half a million cases across the globe are drug-resistant, meaning the drugs used to treat TB will not kill the...
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    TB continues to spread.

    While World TB Day was just a few days ago, awareness and efforts to end the Spread of Tuberculosis need to  continue year round. According to the CDC, after twenty years of annual declines in reported tuberculosis (TB) cases, progress toward TB elimination in the United States appears to have stalled. Understand that TB is not blatantly obvious - not everyone infected with...
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    World Tuberculosis Day 2016

    Remember Today is World Tuberculosis Day. The 2016 World TB Day theme is Unite to End TB. Spread the word.  
  4. World TB Day: End Tuberculosis
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    World TB Day: End Tuberculosis

    We can end TB. Meeting the survivors and supporters we witness harsh truths and deplorable injustice; a treatable disease killing so many. Uniting our collective strength gets us closer to resolution. We can confront stigma, create urgency, activate support and push for progress. With advocacy, perseverance and passion we can reach everyone who needs treatment, build stronger communities and celebrate...
  5. TB may resist, but it can be beaten
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    TB may resist, but it can be beaten

    We've shared information about what you should know about Tuberculosis, as well as Tuberculosis safety and information. This is an important matter, since TB threatens to kill 75 million people. Now the CDC tells us how we can beat this killer. With a half million new cases each year, multidrug-resistant tuberculosis (MDR-TB) is spreading around the globe. The world must act decisively. There can...
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    TB Threatens to Kill 75 Million People

    Tuberculosis - Drug-resistant TB Threatens to Kill 75 Million People by 2050, Cost $16.7 Trillion. Over the next 35 years, multidrug-resistant tuberculosis will kill 75 million people and could cost the global economy a cumulative $16.7 trillion - the equivalent of the European Union’s annual output, a UK parliamentary group said. If left untackled, the spread of drug-resistant TB superbugs threatens to...
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    Tuberculosis - TB Safety and Information

    Promising Class of Antibiotics Discovered for Treatment of Drug-Resistant Tuberculosis: Topics concerning TB Safety include: Epidemiology and symptoms of tuberculosis. Modes by which tuberculosis is transmitted. The CDC Guidelines. The Exposure Control Plan. Recognition of exposure situations. Practices to prevent exposure. Administrative and engineering controls. Selection and use of personal protective equipment (including respirators). and more. Get a Quote for...

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