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    Active Shooter

    We've talked about what you can do in the event of an Active Shooter event, but what about after? There will be wounded. Perhaps seriously wounded. Do you know what to do? Triage, CPR, Bleeding Control. These are the first things to consider after the threat is over and while awaiting EMS. Bystander intervention will make the difference between life and death...
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    What is Triage? Triage is simply sorting injured persons into the most efficient order so that life threatening issues can be dealt with in advance of less serious injuries, assuring more lives saved. Triage is integral to CERT, EMS, and Incident Command training, but is used by wise bystanders in saving lives and reacting to disaster as well. Simple triage...
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    First Aid in Disasters

    While everyone should learn First Aid and have a good Emergency First Aid Guide, mass casualties in a Disaster require a different focus than day-to-day cuts, bumps, and bruises. First Aid is the most important component of disaster response. A common complaint about CERT programs is disappointment in the first aid segment: "It was not enough." Disaster First Aid is designed...

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