traumatic brain injuries

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    Concussion Safety: Free App!

    We've talked about Concussions and TBI in the past, and especially how it affects Youths in Sports.We shared an article on Concussions, gave you deeper information on Head and Neck Injuries, discussed Treatment for Concussions and TBI, have addressed the concerns during Brain Injury Awareness Month, and spent time addressing Head and Neck Injuries in Youth Sports. Now we have a great new Free App...
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    Treatment for Concussions and TBI?

    The term “mild brain injury” can be misleading. The term “mild” is used in reference to the severity of the initial physical trauma that caused the injury. It does not indicate the severity of the consequences of the injury. A case of mild traumatic brain injury is an occurrence of injury to the head resulting from blunt trauma or acceleration or deceleration forces...

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