• September 11 - #Prep2Serve

    Join the September 11 National Day of Service & Remembrance
    One way to show your support for National Preparedness Month is through volunteering. Volunteers can play an important role in their communities by helping first responders after a disaster. Join thousands of Americans participating in the September 11 National Day of Service and Remembrance to honor those who lost their lives during the September 11, 2001 attacks. The National Day of Service is also dedicated to survivors and those who served their communities following the attacks. Find volunteer opportunities in your area today!
    Also, @Citizen_Corps will host a Twitter chat on Friday, September 9 at 1 PM ET discussing the importance of volunteering and ways you can support your community. Join the conversation using #Prep2Serve.


    Remembering 9/11 during National Preparedness Month

    Terrorism: Is it a Disaster Preparedness Topic

  • Terrorism: Is it a Disaster Preparedness Topic

    Ask any hard-core survivalist and they will tell you Terrorism is a serious threat and we should all be prepared. PollyAnna  says "What? Me worry?"

    What do you think?

    Prepare! Prepare!
    SURVIVALIST – A person who advocates or practices survivalism; especially : one who has prepared to survive in the anarchy of an anticipated breakdown of society


    noun -v?-list

    — survivalist adjective

    First Known Use of SURVIVALIST


    POLLYANNA or POLLY –  A person who is in denial about the disruption that might be caused by a large scale disaster. Someone that is in denial that TEOTWAWKI could occur and remains cheerfully optimistic, even confronted with evidence to the contrary
    Prepare and Endure! Disaster, Survival, & Preparation!
    Think about preparedness; at home, at work, at school, even in your car.
    What should you do? Check your Emergency Plan and Evacuation Routes everywhere you normally spend time. Make sure you have an out of State contact for you, your friends and your family (long distance phone service is usually restored before local - and mobile services and internet will likely not work in a major disaster.)
    Of course, too, you should Check your Emergency Supplies:
    Count your stock... is it enough?
    Check your expiration dates (food, water, batteries)
    Keep cash on hand
    Don't let your gas tank get below half-full
    Survival Gear: Disaster, Emergency Preparedness, Camping & Survival Supply
    72 Hour Emergency Preparedness Supplies for Earthquake, Hurricane, Tornado, Twister, Nuclear Disasters, Wilderness Survival & More… C.E.R.T. & F.E.M.A.
  • Seeking to raise first aid awareness

    Ninth months ago, two bombs went off near the finish line of one of the biggest marathon events in the world. This event changed the city of Boston forever — not in a negative way as some would think, but instead transformed Boston into Boston Strong.

    First Aid Kits & First Aid Bags. American Red Cross Kits, Home, Car & Auto First Aid Kits, Pet Emergency First Aid Kits, Sports and Outdoor First Aid-available in Soft Pack and Mini Pack. See our "Special" Kits; Spanish Language Kits & First Aid Kits without Medications First Aid Kits & First Aid Bags. American Red Cross Kits, Home, Car & Auto First Aid Kits, Pet Emergency First Aid Kits, Sports and Outdoor First Aid-available in Soft Pack and Mini Pack. See our "Special" Kits; Spanish Language Kits & First Aid Kits without Medications

    “We never thought it was going to happen so close to home,” said Meryl Prendergast, a team member of one of Canton High School’s Community Problem Solving (CmPS) teams. “But now, almost a year has passed since April 15, and we’ve fallen back into that same mentality: It’s never going to happen here. We asked ourselves, ‘If Canton is faced with a similar emergency in the future, could Canton become Canton Strong?’”

    With that question in mind, the CmPS team has set out on a mission to help Canton citizens become more aware of first aid techniques, including AED training and tourniquets.

    “We all assume that we know what to do in times of emergency,” said team member Sean Hanscom. “However, do we really? So many people know how to perform CPR, which is great, but that wouldn’t really have come in handy during the Boston Marathon. People need to be aware of other first aid techniques so they won’t panic when and if something ever happens.”

    The team, which consists of ninth grade students Forest Schmidt, Hanscom, Prendergast, and Dasol Lee, is currently in the process of planning ways to raise awareness in the community. One major idea that they have is the creation of a phone app containing first aid instructions, videos, and other material that can be accessed by anyone at any time. They are also currently in the process of contacting people who may be able to help this project grow.

    “If we handed out pieces of paper with explanations on first aid techniques, most people would just end up losing them,” said Schmidt. “That’s why we love the app idea. Anyone who has a phone would be able to download the app, and they would have this information in their pockets 24/7. Of course, having the information on paper is important, and we’ll still hand out brochures and other such items. However, the app would definitely help us reach more people.”

    Canton wishes this CmPS team, Team Band-Aid, good luck as they work toward strengthening our community and preparing the citizens for emergencies.


  • How to Report an Emergency

    It's an Emergency, so you call 9-1-1...Right? Not always.reportemergency

    If you are a member of the general public…

    If you believe that you have been exposed to a biological, chemical or radiological agent, or if you believe an intentional threat will occur or is occurring, please call 911.

    If you have a health-related question that is not an emergency, please contact CDC.

    If you are a health professional or government official…

    CDC maintains a 24/7 Emergency Operations Center to assist local, state, and federal agencies. We also assist healthcare providers with questions on emergency patient care.
    NOTE: this line is not intended for the general public: 770-488-7100

    All other questions for CDC

    Other important contacts

    • State and Local Health Departments
    • Regional Poison Control Centers (For suspected Poisoning, try this BEFORE dialling 9-1-1):
    • CDC Division of Bioterrorism Preparedness and Response:
    • CDC National Center for Environmental Health and Agency for Toxic Substances and Disease Registry:

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