• National Preparedness Month Begins Tomorrow

    Are you Ready to Get Ready? National Preparedness Month Begins Tomorrow!

    FB_Tw_profilepic_v4altWherever you are, whatever you do - preparedness should mean a lot to you. Every region of our country (and for that matter, every part of the World) has risks and dangers related to natural and man-made disasters.

    While our US infrastructure has improved significantly in the years since 9/11 and Katrina, one still cannot sit back and assume that the government will ride in on a white horse at attend to all in need. Sorry folks, fairy tales are for children - if you want to assure you and yours will make it through the next calamity, you need to educate yourself and prepare.

    We certainly aren't suggesting that everyone need become a hard-core Survivalist or Prepper (although these individuals are certain to be more ready than the average Polly-Ana!) preparing for TEOTWAWKI, but apply some common sense, lay out a plan, and think about what you will need to survive at the very least.

    Stay tuned as each day throughout the Month, we bring you Disaster Survival Tips, Preparedness Information, Disaster Supply checklists and product recommendations plus a lot more in our National Preparedness Month Blog!


  • How prepared is prepared enough?

    What does it mean to be "Prepared"?

    LightningBoltFor some, it is simply knowing what they will do and where they will go (OK MacGyver...Good Luck) For others, there's no concern...it won't happen to them (Ostrich) or the government will be there to take care of things (Pollyanna.)

    Then you have the other extreme - Militia and hard core TEOTWAWKI Survivalists.

    Most our readers fall somewhere in between, cautiously prepared with practical plans and supplies to be ready if the SHTF when they are at Home, Work, or in the Car. Our Followers with Kids make sure the Schools are prepared and the Pet owners have considered the emergency needs for their Pets.

    Where do you fall? Are you a Prepper? A Doomsdayer? Practically Prepared? None if these?

    Here are some of our ideas for practical and useful preparation... Continue reading

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