• Finding safe and reliable babysitters

    Parents in need of reliable child care have a new online resource in the Omaha metro and Lincoln areas. Annette Shukry launched the local chapter of "Seeking Sitters" after months of struggling to find a qualified person to watch her two children.

    "We connect member families with professional, certified sitters that have been thoroughly background checked by private investigators," Shukry says, describing her new business. "All our sitters are 18 years old. They have reliable transportation. They have CPR and first aid training."

    Shukry says parents could go through the process of checking their sitter's history and background, but by paying to be a member of the site, the legwork is already done for you. "It's such a peace of mind," Shukry says, knowing her children are in safe hands.

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    The family became familiar with the site seven years ago when they joined the chapter in Oklahoma. "I knew I would put a request in, and this wonderful, happy, bubbly girl would show up at my house. My kids were always happy. They'd run the gamut of board games, coloring, baking, whatever the kids wanted to do the sitters were always happy to do, and the kids were always happy when we were gone. That's the most important thing."

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    Within the first weeks of launching, Shukry says the Omaha/Lincoln area chapter has six sitters approved to work through the site. They cater to parents in need of occasional sitters, not daily child care. On top of a membership fee, hourly rates are set based on the number of children and the time of year

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