• "MEGA" Overstock Cold Pack Sale

    Nobody ever has enough cold packs (never, ever, ever). Here's your chance to stock up for pennies. Our warehouse is filled to the brim with overstock of our best selling Instant Cold Compress Products and we need to get rid of them!

    Use the promotional code "MEGA" to SHOP and SAVE 20% off all our Cold Pack Products.


    Outdoor Protection & Preparedness


    Fall Sports Medicine & Sports First Aid


    Hurricane, Earthquake, & Disaster Survival


    Use Discount Code Box in your Shopping Cart or at Checkout

    Whoa! That's Heavy!

    Just a forewarning that Shipping could be higher than the product - We already have the lowest cold pack pricing anywhere, so with this additional discount, your shipping fees could exceed the product pricing. These are essentially big, bulky, heavy boxes of water. It ain't cheap to ship them, but we always pass our discounted shipping on to our customers - we make no profit on shipping, so we are more than happy to ship on your own FedEx or UPS account if you prefer, and we do not charge any shipping or handling for doing so. Just call us Toll Free to place your order if you would prefer to ship on your own account instead.

  • $1 day for National Preparedness?

    Wow. We were taken by Surprise!

    Yesterday's "Cheap, Fun, Safe. National Preparedness Month Special" caught us off-guard. We were understaffed. We had no clue that so many of our readers would jump on this opportunity. With these great deals many of our customer ordered a BUNCH of this stuff!

    With so many under a buck items (some as low as 22¢) many of our clients bought one-per-employee-per-day to give out during September (National Preparedness Month) to help them "Think Prepared" every day next Month.

    This actually makes a lot of sense. For small companies like ours (under 50 employees) we're only talking about around $20 per employee (21 work days in September) and this not only help raise awareness of the need to prepare, but also start employees on their way to being prepared and raising morale... Wow... we make a really cheap date, eh?

    (Yes - since so many of you called asking, we have other items in this price range so you can do the whole Month of different items each work day!)Stack of Money

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