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    Terrorism: Is it a Disaster Preparedness Topic

    Ask any hard-core survivalist and they will tell you Terrorism is a serious threat and we should all be prepared. PollyAnna  says "What? Me worry?" What do you think? SURVIVALIST – A person who advocates or practices survivalism; especially : one who has prepared to survive in the anarchy of an anticipated breakdown of society sur•viv•al•ist noun -v?-list — survivalist...
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    How prepared is prepared enough?

    What does it mean to be "Prepared"? LightningBoltFor some, it is simply knowing what they will do and where they will go (OK MacGyver...Good Luck) For others, there's no concern...it won't happen to them (Ostrich) or the government will be there to take care of things (Pollyanna.) Then you have the other extreme - Militia and hard core TEOTWAWKI Survivalists. Most our readers fall somewhere in between, cautiously prepared with practical plans and supplies to be ready if the SHTF when they are at Home, Work, or in the Car. Our Followers with Kids make sure the Schools are prepared and the Pet owners have considered the emergency needs for their Pets. Where do you fall? Are you a Prepper? A Doomsdayer? Practically Prepared? None if these? Here are some of our ideas for practical and useful preparation... Continue reading →

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