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  1. Preparing Your Pets for Shelter
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    Preparing Your Pets for Shelter

    We've talked about it before, and we'll talk about it again... you need to prepare ahead of time for pets in emergency situations. When you prepare for disasters, be sure to make arrangements for your pets too! In the event that you have to evacuate to a public shelter, keep in mind that for health reasons, some facilities cannot accept...
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    “Ready, Pet, Go!” Preparedness Calendar

    We recently talked about PetParedness at the White House... now the American Public Health Association (APHA) recently released an exciting new resource to help prepare your family, school, or office for emergencies. Their 2016 “Ready, Pet, Go!” Get Ready calendar features images of animals sharing important safety tips you can follow throughout the year, including: If you live in an area...
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    Keeping Your Pets Safe

    You may know that the FDA works to keep foods and drugs safe for you and your family, but you may not realize the agency does much the same for your pets... Drug Safety In Fiscal Year 2013, FDA received 86,444 reports of adverse drug events from manufacturers, veterinarians, and consumers. Baker explains that while manufacturers are required by law...
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    How to give your Dog CPR or save your furry friend when choking - Free Video

    How to give your Dog CPR or save your furry friend when choking - Free Video First Aid DVD for Dogs Learn CPR, Choking, Heat Stroke, Burns, Fractures, Hypothermia, Eye injuries, shock and much more. These 45-minute award-winning v.... read more CasPeR The CPR Dog CasPeR The CPR Dog This small animal trainer incorporates all the necessary features for teaching...

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