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  • Warehouse Safety: Some things you should consider

    One of the most important elements of warehouse safety is adequate employee training. That training should include basic workplace safety as well as how to operate the tools and machinery needed to keep the warehouse running smoothly.


    While many workplace accidents are the result of inexperience, others can be the result of too much experience. Employees can become so comfortable after working with a piece of heavy equipment such as a forklift for a long period of time that they forget how potentially dangerous they can be. That fact became all too evident in a case in which the owner of an equipment training school was thrown from a forklift and crushed to death--during the filming of a forklift safety video.

    Forklifts and the OSHA Industrial Lift Truck Standard

    Statistics show that there are approximately 34,900 serious forklift-related injuries and 85 fatalities each year in the U.S. alone. It's much more difficult to approximate the degree of human suffering associated with those statistics. The businesses where these accidents occur must often pay heavy fines and find themselves embroiled in costly lawsuits for years as a result of that suffering. Many are driven out of business as a result. To reduce the number of forklift injuries, the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) now provides a useful daily checklist that can help ensure their safe operation.

    Slips and Falls

    Slips and falls are another common cause of workplace injuries, especially in warehouses where employees are in constant motion. Taking a few simple preventative steps can reduce the risk considerably. Clearly marking elevated areas, including steps, with reflective tape is one of those steps. Others include regular inspections for any type of potential hazards on the floor, including liquids, dark spots that can indicate slippery oil stains, loose materials or boxes. Anti-slip floor tape has also proven to be an effective safety tool. If the warehouse has more than one floor, installation and regular inspection of guard rails is vital.

    Warehouse Safety Equipment, Fencing and Barriers

    Sometimes injuries aren't caused by people falling, but by objects falling on them. The risk of being injured by a falling object is higher in warehouses, where items are stacked for storage. When employees lift loads to a higher level, the load must be secure. While plastic wrap may be sufficient to secure lighter loads, heavier ones may require metal or cloth straps. Plastic is also affected by temperature, and can stretch when exposed to heat.

    Having the right number of employees for the job is each job is also important. For example, there should always be a spotter while loads are being placed on high shelves that are not directly against a wall. Having someone to observe and direct for proper placement is the only way to avoid a precariously placed load that could fall off onto the other side.

    Hazardous Substances

    Warehouses usually contain a number of potentially hazardous, and flammable, substances. Those substances can contribute the safety hazards such as fire and exposure. That makes regular inspections of the storage containers for those substances for leaks a necessity. Exposure to hazardous substances can result not just in temporary illnesses, but in permanent physical damage.

    NEW! Updated Hazardous Materials Regulations

    Electrical outlets and extension cords should also be inspected regularly in any workplace where flammable substances are stored. According to the most recent information available, electrical malfunctions are involved in 18% of the 1,210 warehouse fires that occur every year. According to statistics from the National Fire Prevention Association, that makes it the single largest contributing factor.

    Safety Training

    Adequate safety training is essential for improving employee performance while reducing safety risks. While training can be costly in terms of time and personnel, it's not as costly as potential worker's compensation lawsuits or hefty government fines. According to 2012 statistics, the number one cause, of workplace injuries, or 25%, were the result of overexertion. Those injuries resulted in an estimated cost of $15.1 billion dollars. Safety training that includes proper lifting techniques is the most effective way to reduce those numbers.


    Investing in safety training actually saves money, but more importantly, it saves lives. Insurance actuaries and courts may decide the monetary value of a lost life, but for loved ones, the real value of a life is impossible to calculate.

  • Last week to upgrade your workplace first aid kit before regulation change

    The new ANSI Z308.1-2015 Standard— Minimum Requirements for Workplace First Aid Kits and Supplies goes into effect this Friday... this changes the minimum requirements for business first aid kits, cabinets and supplies nationwide - not only in the States governed directly by OSHA, but also in the 28 States and Territories that have their own OSHA Approved State Plans.


    If you haven't already ordered what you need, get what you need on order by Friday so you can show an inspector if they walk in!

    Read more: ANSI Z308.1-2015: American National Standard Minimum Requirements for Workplace First Aid Kits and Supplies

  • OSHA First Aid

    Our Revolutionary SmartCompliance™ OSHA First Aid Program redefines business first aid.

    • Satisfy all of your business first aid and emergency preparedness needs with this landmark offering.
    • An unparalleled business solution.
    • Most businesses are federally mandated to have first aid solutions that are compliant with OSHA as well as ANSI standards.
    • It’s a big deal.
    SmartCompliance™ is the only first aid solution with an OSHA compliance guarantee. SmartCompliance™ is the only first aid solution with an OSHA compliance guarantee.

    With three integrated components, SmartCompliance is easy to use, saves you money and makes sure your business complies with federal and state OSHA regulations for your industry classification. How it works and how you benefit…
    Three powerful components work together to create the most comprehensive first aid solution available to businesses today:

    Innovative Cabinet Design  Our unique cabinet design eliminates disorganized and missing supplies. Clearly labeled compartments allow a cabinet which is easy to use and restock. The cabinet ID system offers tracking by location and the option for customized activity reporting. Expansion pockets allow customization of the cabinet to meet your specific needs.OSHA-Compliance

    SmartTab ezRefill System  This simple but effective system for reordering and restocking revolutionizes replenishment. It is quick, easy, and cost effective - offering a savings of 30% or more. As supplies are used, SmartTab™ ezRefill™ reminder tabs notify you when it is time to reorder supplies and puts reorder information at your fingertips.

    Guaranteed OSHA Compliance  The SmartCompliance™ Program can ensure you’re covered. SmartCompliance™ is the only first aid solution which guarantees OSHA compliance. This is the first product which goes beyond supplies and provides peace of mind. Simply register the cabinet and use the SmartTab™ ezRefill System™ to maintain your guarantee. Additionally, should OSHA regulations change for the industry, First Aid Only® will make the product available to ensure compliance.

    Updates to the SmartCompliance™ Program  offer Flexibility in Contents. Start with our base General Business or Food Service cabinets, and then customize the contents to your needs as supplies are used. Select from a variety of first aid supplies available in standardized boxes that slide easily into the cabinet. We even offer refills reminders, Monthly, Quarterly and Annual automatic Refills, and Refill Packs offering the most used items at discounted “package” pricing…  All this plus special additional discounts when you register!

    Did You Know? SmartCompliance™ is the only first aid solution with an OSHA compliance guarantee. This product goes beyond supplies, provides peace of mind and keeps your employees safe! Register your cabinet and use the SmartTab ezRefill System to maintain the guarantee. Additionally, should OSHA regulations change for your industry, the product will be made available to ensure compliance. NEW: Now the OSHA Smart Compliance™ First Aid Cabinets & Refill program are Doctor Recommended! SmartCompliance™ Cabinets and refill programs offered through FirstAidMart.com™ are actually physician recommended as "appropriate for businesses and restaurants" and specifically to comply with Federal OSHA 1910.151, ANSI Z308-1-2009 & even the Cal/OSHA 3400 section guidelines which require approval by an MD. You may request a Physician's recommendation letter with you order and we will enclose a copy for your records. (First Aid Mart offers this in addition to the $1000 OSHA guarantee available free with registration of each cabinet.)
    Learn more about Doctor Recommended and OSHA / ANSI / ISEA / Cal OSHA compliant Smart Compliance First Aid::
    SmartCompliance Video Demo and Program Information
    Register Your Smart Compliance Cabinet

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