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    Want to know how to save a life?

    There's an app for that... While everyone should know CPR and How to use an AED, and every group, organization, workplace, and school should schedule CPR Training at their location, what should be done and what is done do not always coincide... so, if you Don't know CPR, and want to help - Your mobile could help you to save a...
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    Race and Place in America

    We've talked about Racism & Lifesaving - What about in Healthcare? While there are many complaints and debates of equality today, nobody can argue that differences historically in healthcare offered to whites were superior to those provided other races... learn more and teach the young, lest we forget and repeat the past. The Health Is a Human Right: Race and Place in...
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    Is Race a factor in Lifesaving? What about CPR Manikins?

    Race and CPR If you have a heart attack, and you’re not in a hospital, how likely are you to survive? It depends entirely on where you are. According to data in a recent study from the American Heart Association, survival rates range from 16% in Seattle to just 0.2% in Detroit. Heart attacks outside hospital account for nearly 15...

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