1. Do as I say AND as I do.
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    Do as I say AND as I do.

    CPR Instructor saves a life. An instructor teaching a class on CPR ended up saving the life of a man who went into cardiac arrest outside of her classroom. The man, who was shoveling snow outside of the American Red Cross building in Rochester (Minnesota, not Mew York, FYI) recently, came inside to take a break, FOX 9 says.  CPR...
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    Life likes to throw you a curve ball

    Life is unpredictable, be prepared Twice a year my family takes an inventory of our immediate assets. I don’t mean our investment portfolio. I’m talking about immediate access to life-preserving essentials: water, food, warmth, light, and basic first aid. The stuff we take for granted until we’re up the proverbial creek. We have seen alarming trends demonstrating how vulnerable we...

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