1. Winter Driving - Preparations include tires, emergency kit, common sense
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    Winter Driving - Preparations include tires, emergency kit, common sense

    The Weather is Fickle... Now more than ever, you hear "This is the coldest winter I can remember." NASA recorded the coldest temperatures in Earth's History recently. Some of you might be thinking “Big deal!” And yes, many of our readers have been dealing with the cold for a long time (especially you Midwesterners & Noreasterners) long enough that this...
  2. Frostbite
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    People who aren't dressed properly for extremely cold temperatures or who have reduced blood circulation are especially at risk for frostbite. Sound like common sense? It is, but people often overlook the simplest ways to stay safe and healthy... Avoid Cold Stress and Cold Related Injuries - Learn how to recognize frostbite and what to do about it: Frostbite is...
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    Be safe in winter weather.

    Snow, Ice, Cold, Strong Winds, and Wind Chill...Winter Storms To find additional materials on winter safety, try the following Web sites: NWS: FEMA: The Deceptive Killers The dangers of winter weather and suggests life-saving action YOU can take. With this  information, YOU can recognize winter weather threats, develop an action plan and be ready when severe winter weather threatens. Remember...your safety is up to YOU. Why Talk...

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