1. Severe Spring Weather Safety
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    Severe Spring Weather Safety

    BE PREPARED FOR SPRING & SUMMER NATURAL CATASTROPHES Spring and Summer are certainly two joyous seasons. From the perfume of fresh flowers blooming & the symphony of birds chirping, to the scent of sunblock & sand between your toes... Although, most do not consider that natural catastrophes such as severe weather, floods, extreme heat, and wildfires are very likely during...
  2. Spring Can Bring Severe Weather
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    Spring Can Bring Severe Weather

    Severe weather can strike at any time. Are you prepared? April showers bring May flowers, but you should be prepared for possible severe spring weather, too. This can include tornadoes, lightning, and floods. Prepare your family for spring weather hazards while at home or traveling with information from the National Weather Service. Learn how to prepare and respond to the...
  3. Record heat
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    Record heat

    Heat - it's not just uncomfortable, it is dangerous.. for children and elderly especially, but for workers, too. Download OSHA’s heat app to stay safe on the job. Heat Safety Tool By U.S. Department of Labor (DOL), Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) When you're working in the heat, safety comes first. With the OSHA Heat Safety Tool, you have...
  4. Heat & the Elderly
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    Heat & the Elderly

    We've discussed how to keep your cool in hot weather, but what about some advice for older people on staying safe in hot weather? Since the risk of heat-related health problems increases with age, special considerations need be made. ?? Extreme Heat and Your Health Disaster Preparedness: Extreme Heat HEAT Death by Heat According to the National Institutes for Health, heat fatigue...
  5. Very Very Frightening - Heat & Lightning
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    Very Very Frightening - Heat & Lightning

    Summer is upon on - heat waves, thunder and lightning, and other Summer Safety issues are at hand... read up and be prepared for the beauty, majesty, and danger of electrical storms... Lightning Kills The Importance of Lightning Safety Lightning Safety Tips Lightning Safety: When Thunder Roars, Go Indoors! Myth Busting Lightning!  Nine Dangers at the Beach – Rip Currents...
  6. Welcome to Meteorological Summer ??
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    Welcome to Meteorological Summer ??

    While calendar Summer won't begin until the 20th, "real" Summer is here. We shared a lot of heat safety ideas during Extreme Heat Week, but there is more to summer than just warmth. Summer means vacation, outdoor activities, and fun in the sun! It’s a time when families hit the road to visit national parks or distant relatives. The warm months and...
  7. HEAT
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    Preparing for Extreme Heat Here at the end of Extreme Heat Week ?? we want to remind you that extreme heat events can happen anywhere in the United States. Extreme heat commonly occurs in the summer; however the main season for heat waves may vary regionally. While heat illness may affect seniors and the very young more rapidly, it is a...
  8. Look Before You Lock
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    Look Before You Lock

    Extreme Heat creates dangers for all ages, from Heat and Heat Related Injuries and Illness to death. While we often focus on safety working in the heat, and staying hydrated, it's not all about adults and electrolytes... During Extreme Heat Week, we want to remind you that pets and children die when left in cars every year... Look Before You Lock! Sweating...
  9. Heating up
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    Heating up

    Today is the First Day of EXTREME HEAT WEEK While it may be lovely Spring weather at present, it won't last and we've had some gnarly heat waves in  recent years, so we want you to be prepared. We'll be sharing new information about Heat Safety all week, but want o open with a look back at some great information shared...
  10. Extreme Heat Week ??
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    Extreme Heat Week ??

    Summer is coming - and with it heat-related illness and injury. The White House has designated May 23–27 as Extreme Heat Week, during which federal agencies will take a number of actions to work with community planners and public health officials to enhance community preparedness for extreme heat events. To learn more about heat stress and saefty read: ?  ...

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