Happy Halloween

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    Have a Happy and Safe Halloween Weekend!
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    Halloween is creeping up on us - here's a reminder of some great Halloween Fun & Safety articles! Kitty Litter Halloween is coming! Halloween Fire Safety Halloween does not have to be dangerous Halloween Safety Halloween Fire Creep Halloween is not the only creepy thing Happy & Safe Halloween to All!
  3. Creep
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    Halloween doesn't have to be scary. True, hazards abound on All Hallows Eve: Fire Hazards from Candles and Jack-o-Lanterns, Traffic Accident and Visibility issues with Costumes, Candy horror stories and drunk drivers... but following some simple safety precautions can help you make Halloween Fun and Safe for Kids and Adults. Halloween is coming! Halloween Fire Safety Halloween does not have...
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    Halloween is coming!

    Halloween, fin for kids and adults, but remember safety. We've spent a lot of time gathering and presenting Halloween Safety Tips over the years... these things don't change much, but you really should refresh your memory  whether you have kids or not, whether you are venturing out for Halloween festivities or not - there's something here for everyone: Halloween Fire...
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    Trick or Treat?

    Are your kids ready to trick or treat? From costumes to candles, the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) offers guidelines to make sure your family has a ghoulishly good time. Choosing a costume for your child can be fun but remember to choose wisely. Look for items labeled flame resistant. Costumes should also be brightly colored or trimmed with...

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