Halloween Safety

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    Have a Happy and Safe Halloween Weekend!
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    Halloween is creeping up on us - here's a reminder of some great Halloween Fun & Safety articles! Kitty Litter Halloween is coming! Halloween Fire Safety Halloween does not have to be dangerous Halloween Safety Halloween Fire Creep Halloween is not the only creepy thing Happy & Safe Halloween to All!
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    Halloween doesn't have to be scary. True, hazards abound on All Hallows Eve: Fire Hazards from Candles and Jack-o-Lanterns, Traffic Accident and Visibility issues with Costumes, Candy horror stories and drunk drivers... but following some simple safety precautions can help you make Halloween Fun and Safe for Kids and Adults. Halloween is coming! Halloween Fire Safety Halloween does not have...
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    Halloween Fire Safety

    Halloween is nearly upon us - Be Scary but Safe! While Halloween in many areas is a festive time, it does come with fire hazards. By following some simple safety tips you can ensure a safe Halloween for you and your family. Provide children with flashlights to carry for lighting or glow sticks. When choosing a costume, stay away from long...
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    Halloween does not have to be dangerous

    First of All - LIGHT IT UP THIS HALLOWEEN! Dark is not only spooky, but dangerous, too - carry light sticks and flashlights when you go out - see where you are headed, and make sure others (especially drivers!) see you. Make sure Costumes are safe: Only purchase or make Costumes from flame retardant materials Trim costumes with reflective tape...
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    Halloween Safety

    There are many ways to keep a child safe at Halloween, when they are more prone to accidents and injuries. Halloween was originally a Celtic celebration (Samhein) to welcome in the winter season. During this time, the Celts would open up their burial mounds allowing the spirits of their dead to walk through the village during the celebration. These wandering spirits would...
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    Halloween Fire

    Halloween is Creeping up on us, and at the same time it is Fire Safety Month...any idea why? In this country more than 100 people die each year as a result of their clothes catching on fire. Decorations for special events and holidays, usually involving candles, result in an average of 800 home fires each year. These fires cause nearly...

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