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  • Holiday Shopping Safety: Plan for safe shopping before Black Friday Madness

    The Holidays are creeping up fast, retailers have their decorations out, people are planning holiday menus, guest lists, travel plans and more... Black Friday is coming and what used to be a day to get out with friends and family (and avoid the ball games) has become a commercial frenzy with mass retailers vying for attention and working the shopping masses into a frenzy.

    Shopping on a day like Black Friday can be dangerous. From crowds and crushing, to pickpockets and theft. Lost children, and injuries... does this stop people from lining up and waiting to be first into the stores for the "Black Friday Deals"? Nope.

    While we (of course) recommend you start shopping for the even better deals available online now. undoubtedly many of our readers will be venturing forth on Black Friday, through the weekend, and maybe hitting the online stores on Cyber Monday. If you are dead-set on exposing yourself to the dangers of Black Friday Shopping, at least plan and do it safely. Here's a nice video on shopping safety we though we would share:

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  • Deck the Halls, Don’t Burn Them

    Holiday lights and decorations are cheery, festive, fun (and often competitive) but they are a serious fire and electrocution hazard when not used safely...

    Holiday decorations can add to the fun and excitement of the season but they can also increase your risk for a home fire. Follow basic safety guidelines to prevent serious electrical and fire hazards during the festivities. As you deck the halls of your home this season, be fire smart:

    • Keep your tree at least three feet away from heat sources like fireplaces, radiators, candles or heat vents;
    • Do not let your tree (artificial or live) block exits;
    • Check light sets for frayed or damaged wiring before using;
    • Always turn off holiday lights before leaving home or going to bed; and
    • Connect no more than three mini light sets for decorating.

    If you have a live tree, remember to add water to the tree stand daily. A small fire that spreads to a Christmas tree can grow large very quickly. Watch this video by the National Fire Protection Association demonstrating how fast a dry Christmas tree burns compared to one that is watered regularly.

    Don’t let disaster ruin your holiday! Learn the facts about home holiday fires in support of the America’s PrepareAthon! campaign to increase disaster preparedness in your community.


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