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    Innovation in First Aid

    The traditional first-aid kit might be easy for a trained professional to navigate, but for those without previous experience, the time it takes to find something could mean the difference between life and death. Designer Kevin Harald Campean has created an answer to this problem by redesigning the typical first-aid Kit with a bold, functional, and possibly iconic layout shown below. In...
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    Ultralight backpacking - Be ready on the trail and in the Backcountry

    Ultralight backpacking is a style of backpacking that emphasizes carrying the lightest and simplest kit safely possible for a given trip. This style has now spread to kayaking enthusiasts, and other rugged outdoor adventurers that rely on their own skills for survival.. bringing on the essentials along, an ultralight hiker or climber can be prepared, but no be bogged down...
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    Emergency First Aid & Treatment Guide - Smartphone App

    The Emergency First Aid and Treatment Guide features include: international emergency numbers, current CPR guidelines and steps on what to do. It covers emergencies ranging from choking, to burns and heat exhaustion. This app is .99 cents and available for both Android and Apple devices. Click here to get app
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    FREE: First Aid Best Practices Guide - Fundamentals of a Workplace First-Aid Program

    Free First Aid Book Download From OSHA: This guide identifies four essential elements for first-aid programs to be effective and successful; management leadership and employee involvement, worksite analysis, hazard prevention and control, and safety and health training. It also includes best practices for planning and conducting safe and effective first-aid training .
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    Knowledge is Power

    Although it may be clichéd to say, knowing really is half the battle. That is the approach that the Red Cross takes when it comes to first aid and public safety.
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    Pet owners learn about animal first aid

    This Veterinarian/Instructor summarized pet first aid in three words: Predict, prevent and prepare. Pet owners gathered to learn about common pet injuries and how to prevent and treat them while protecting themselves. They also learned about what to do if they see an injured or abused animal. Some State laws state that people should help and/or report the endangered animal...
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    Prolonged CPR May Boost Chances for Cardiac Arrest Victims

    Performing CPR for longer periods of time boosts chances of survival in both children and adults in hospital settings, two large U.S. studies show. The first study examined the medical records of more than 3,400 hospitalized children in the United States and Canada who suffered cardiac arrest between 2000 and 2009. The second study looked at 64,000 adult hospital patients...

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