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  • Fundraising Ideas

    We know raising funds is a big part of what your parent group does; you'll find tons of fundraising ideas online - but how many are candy, wrapping paper, calendars and the rest of the same old tired, unhealthy, low-value programs?

    Time to try something different! Schools need healthy and fun fund raiser ideas that meet the social climate and societal needs of today. A good find raising program gives back to the community while also getting the support the school or organization needs.

    Which Fundraiser Is Right for You?

    Consider a few key questions, then check out our chart to determine what kind of fundraiser will best meet your current needs.

    1. How much money do you need to raise? 
    2. How soon do you need the money? 
    3. How much volunteer support can you expect?

    Keeping Fundraising Fresh

    A few small tricks can make a big difference.
    Boredom is an enemy in fundraising.Boring fundraising is a natural long-term outcome unless you and your group actively work to keep things interesting each year. You have to create freshness and excitement if you want to achieve fundraising success—and even more, if you want to maintain fundraising success.

    1. Don't repeat what you did last year. 
    2. Offer something useful.
    3. Keep the contribution level modest.

     Boredom is an enemy in fundraising.

    In Today's economy, nobody is is waiting by the door hoping a child will show up offering a $5 candy bar the could pick up at the market for $1. Half the supporters are supposed to be on a diet anyway!

    Do you really think your co-workers are pining away waiting for you to show up to take orders for over-priced magazines they will never read or wrapping paper that comes Months later, in short rolls that tear when they try to tape around a box? Not fun. You will not be their favorite person to draw as Secret Santa next time around... you've just guilted them into spending their mad money on junk.

    image of first aid fundraiser kits First Aid Kits for Fund Raising! Home and Auto - Buy for $4, sell for $8 or $10!

    Offer something useful and affordable - everyone needs a first aid kit, and $10 for something they'll have and use for a few years is a bargain! If the Grandparents, Neighbors, Uncles, and Co-Workers are feeling generous, they can buy more - each can but at least on home first aid kit and one auto first aid kit... and at this price, they can but extras as gift (Bam! there you have the Secret Santa gift after all!)

    Spice it up - this one is healthy, your group will be wealthy, and you as the Fundraising Coordinator will be considered oh-so-wise!

    Read more about First Aid Fundraising - or about how to use this program to get a FREE AED for your school or group!

    First Aid Fundraising Banner The First Aid Fund Raising Program is a New & Unique way to raise funds for Schools, Churches, Non Profits and other group – It is Safe, Easy and FUN! 100% Mark up / Profit, Fast and this time, you won’t be embarrassed asking for support – EVERYBODY needs a first aid kit!
    First Aid Fundraising Program... simple steps to big profits... 100% Mark up or greater! 50% profit guarantee... first aid is needed everywhere, home, business, events... with this unique healthy alternative fundraising program you can meet your fundraising goals while offering a nice alternative to the typical candy, candles, magazines, and gift wrap! Buy them for $4 Sell them for $8 or more... (Most groups sell for $10 per kit)
    Who can refuse? - CLICK THE BANNER TO LEARN MORE!

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