Fire safety and prevention

  1. Fire Safety is for Everyone (?)
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    Fire Safety is for Everyone (?)

    While Fire Safety is a basic knowledge that should be available to everyone, often fire safety messaging misses target reaching lower income Americans, Share these articles: Fire Safety for Older Adults Fire Facts and Fire Safety Wildfire Safety Fireplace Glass Door Safety Safety Tips To Fireproof Your Home Sunny Day, Keeping the Fires Away…. How to know if a Wildfire is near...
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    Do you know how to use fire-extinguisher?

    Many employees don't know how to use fire extinguisher. Do you agree with me? Offices must not only equipped with such extinguishers but they don't take a pain to train their employees. Apart from such training, offices must be equipped with correct fire extinguisher. What is meant by correct one? Check below list of different type of extinguisher. Class A...
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    Winter Fire Safety

    Fire safety and prevention during the colder months of the year are the topics everyone needs to consider. Safety tips on alternate heating sources (wood stoves, electric space heaters, and fireplaces) and furnaces. Kerosene  Heaters Be sure that kerosene heaters are legal in your area. Be sure your heater is in good working condition. Inspect exhaust parts for carbon buildup...

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