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  1. Prepare for Wildfire Season - Free Tools
    Categories: Fire Safety & Evacuation

    Prepare for Wildfire Season - Free Tools

    You can participate in Wildfire Community Preparedness Day, Saturday, May 6, by organizing an event to clear dried leaves and other flammable debris from your neighborhood. ?    Preparing for Wildfires ?    How to know if a Wildfire is near you. ?    Do you live in a Wildfire Prone Area? ?    Wildfire Safety ?    Stay healthy...
  2. Fire Safety for Older Adults
    Categories: Fire Safety & Evacuation & Health and First Aid Advice for Seniors

    Fire Safety for Older Adults

    Fires are a serious risk in colder seasons - and even more so for older adults and children - We have talked about many safety concerns for seniors, including Seniors and Scalding Burn Injuries, Helping to prevent falling at home, Seniors Staying Alone and special Winter Dangers for Seniors. Now let's take a look at how home firs risks may be a little different for the elderly...
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    Incredible Rescue From A Burning Houston Apartment Complex - Watch the Video!

    The still-under-construction housing caught fire yesterday and this construction worker barely managed to escape with his life. Luckily no one was injured. BURN CARE PRODUCTS: Burn Gels and Sprays Burn Pads/Dressings Burn Treatment Unitized Refills Emergency Burn Kits Fire Blankets & Wraps Miscellaneous Burn Products

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