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  1. National Arson Awareness Week
    Categories: Fire Safety & Evacuation

    National Arson Awareness Week

    Next week is National Arson Awareness Week (May 7-13, 2017) Each year for Arson Awareness Week (AAW), the U.S. Fire Administration gathers and shares information to raise awareness of arson or youth firesetting and provide individuals with strategies to combat these problems in their community. This year's theme is Arson prevention at houses of worship: Fire Prevention & Public Education / Outreach Materials...
  2. Put a Freeze on Winter Fires
    Categories: Fire Safety & Evacuation

    Put a Freeze on Winter Fires

    The risk of having a home fire increases during the winter months: December, January, and February. To help teach the public about winter fire hazards and ways to prevent them, the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) and the U.S. Fire Administration (USFA) are teaming up to promote “Put a Freeze on Winter Fires.” Learn more: Winter Fire Safety Winter Fires...
  3. Winter Fires and Burns
    Categories: Burn First Aid & Safety

    Winter Fires and Burns

    While Burn Awareness Week may have ended, Winter Fires and Burns should still be high on your list of safety concerns. Freezing Out Winter Fires As outside temperatures drop, houses heat up and burn injuries increase. Death by fire is torturous, scary, and often preventable. One American dies every 2 hours and 42 minutes from a fire injury, with almost...
  4. Categories: Fire Safety & Evacuation

    Fire Blankets and Fire Retardant Clothing

    What is a Fire Blanket, and What about Fire Retardant Clothing? Fire blankets are designed to trow over small fires to smother them - fires need oxygen, and depriving them of this will cause them to go out. Older fire Blankets had asbestos in them, so if you are unsure of the age of your fire blanket, you should replace...

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