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    Preparing to Evacuate and Sheltering in Place

    SHELTER Choosing to take shelter is necessary in many emergencies. Taking appropriate shelter is critical in times of disaster. Sheltering is appropriate when conditions require that you seek protection in your home, place of employment or other location when disaster strikes. Sheltering outside the hazard area could include staying with friends and relatives, seeking commercial lodging or staying in a...
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    Wildfire Safety

    With the recent wildfires and media, many are thinking about how safe their own home may be in the event of wildfire. There are many programs available for learning about fire safety and prevention, and everyone should be equipped to bug out in the event of any disaster - this means equipping with emergency kits as well and evacuation and...
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    Prevent Kitchen Fires - National Fire Prevention Week

    Prevent Kitchen Fires The theme of this year's Fire Prevention Week is Preventing Kitchen Fires... there's a lot you can learn and a lot you can do: Fire Prevention Training Materials Fire & Evacuation Safety Equipment Kitchen First Aid Kits Burn First Aid Products Cooking Up a Disaster in the Kitchen   Fire Prevention Week commemorates the Great Chicago Fire...
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    EvacuKids - CDC tells about Child Safety Programs

    What's an EvacuKid? Find out how Evacuteer is bringing preparedness to a younger generation and the importance of talking to kids about their experience with emergencies. When you ask someone what the most important thing to have on hand for a hurricane is, the common answers include food, water, flashlights, batteries, or a radio.  As I read through my student...
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    Tip: Check Your Disaster Kit

    Hurricane Season started June 1st. Remember to check your emergency kit from last season. Make sure that you have everything you need. Replace expired items such as food and medicine. Gather Emergency Supplies If disaster strikes your community, you might not have access to food, water, or electricity for some time. By taking time now to prepare emergency water supplies...

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