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    Nose bleeds, medically known as epistaxis can be a nuisance or serious. If minor or infrequent, it can be treated with proper first aid techniques - when it continues or happens frequently, one should seek medical attention. What to do for minor nosebleeds:    ~   CHECK the scene and the person. (Always make sure the area is safe for...
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    QuikClot or QR (WoundSeal)?

    OK - First - what is a "Hemostatic Agent"? Hemostatic agents promote hemostasis. Well, that was REALLY helpful, eh? An antihemorrhagic (antihaemorrhagic) agent is a substance that promotes hemostasis (stops bleeding). Also known as a hemostatic (also spelled haemostatic) agent. OK - This stuff stops bleeding - FAST Which is better? That's really up to you - we've heard exceptional reviews on both from our customers. We've also used both...

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