1. Bleeding, Cuts, and Scrapes
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    Bleeding, Cuts, and Scrapes

    We talk about Severe Bleeding, and the National Stop the Bleed initiative... but minor cuts and scrapes? Those need first aid, too. When to Call 9-1-1 or the Local Emergency Number Bleeding that cannot be stopped Wounds that show muscle or bone Large or deeply embedded objects in the wound Skin or body parts that have been partially or completely...
  2. Categories: First Aid Articles & Bleeding & Wound Care

    Clean, Treat, Protect: First Aid for cuts and scrapes

    How should one give first aid for a cut or scrape? Throw on a bandaid and move on?  No - there's more to it than that. Remember that 99% of cuts and scrapes come from the body contacting a foreign item... these things that break through your skin (which is, of course your body's protection against all outside matter) are...

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