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    How to Stay Safe on the Construction Site

    Working on a construction site is statistically one of the most dangerous jobs you can do. While you might think the list of the world’s most dangerous jobs would contain more overtly risky roles like a fighter pilot, fire-fighter or policeman, the reality is that farming, construction, manufacturing and commercial fishing present far greater risks. The potential for serious injury...
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    Stand-Down for Fall Safety

    We've discussed Fall Safety for Seniors, What about in the workplace? Construction? Falls remain the leading cause of construction industry deaths, killing hundreds of workers and injuring thousands more each year. In 2014, tens of thousands of employers and more than one million workers nationwide joined the Occupational Safety and Health Administration's weeklong Safety Stand-Down, the largest occupational safety event...
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    Electrical Safety for Construction Site Workers

    Whether renovating, tearing down or building from the ground up, construction sites are covered with electrical hazards. It is incumbent on workers to know risks and proper precautions. It is important for you and your coworkers to have access to proper safety equipment and basic safety training. Safety Equipment To perform safety on the job, your construction site should be...
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    Construction Sites and Oilfield Accidents: How to Ensure Safety

    Accidents may or may not be preventable but one thing is for sure, it is always better to be prepared, for they occur when least expected. An employee who goes to his workplace regularly and spends most part of his day there should feel safe and secure in his environment. Many renowned companies have made safety a part of their...
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    8 Essential Roofing Safety Tips

    Having the confidence in the quality and security of your home's roofing is absolutely vital. Long term problems with the security and dependability of a home roof can be costly - both financially and in peace of mind. Trusting in the experience of a well-known specialist in roofing can hold the key to creating a sturdy and well looked after...
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    Fall Protection

    Falls are the second leading cause of death each year in the United States (after traffic accidents)! Over 10,000 people are killed every year as a result of falls...and 200,000 to 300,000 people are disabled. Eight-five percent of all falls that occur on the job result in "lost work time". Employers should  provide the information employees need to work safely...
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    Planning A Home Renovation? Think Safety First

    Having a beautiful home is the ultimate dream of a home owner. Whether it is small or big in size, or situated in the city or suburbs, every person is possessive and passionate about their home. Beautifying a home is no mean task as it requires a whole lot of planning, budgeting, forecasting, managing resources, supervising the laborers and looking...
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    Is Safety A Luxury Or A Necessity?

    Everyone agrees on the importance of safety on the construction site. So, why are basic construction safety principles sometimes ignored even by trained professionals? There are numerous reasons, but the most important are likely overconfidence, time constraints, and budget constraints. Understanding these principles is important to preventing injury and even death. Workers, trainers, and managers all need to resist the...

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