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    How To Breathe Easy – Managing Asthma In Children

    Our theme this week has been asthma in children and what we can do as parents to make things easier for our children.
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    Asthma - No Myths, Just Good Solid Reputable Information

    And finally it really can’t be overemphasized that good information and a knowledgeable parent can be the best management tool for dealing with asthma.
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    Calming Asthma In Children

    Asthma is a frightening and debilitating disease in adults.
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    Make An Asthma Action Plan

    One of the most effective tools for you to use when managing your child’s asthma is to be prepared.
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    Asthma Support And Information Podcasts

    If reading reams of paper or screen text is making your head hurt, perhaps you can absorb useful information through listening to these Center for Disease Control podcasts about asthma.
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    Asthma Condition And Treatment

    Will your child outgrow asthma, and can it be cured? The American Academy of Asthma, Allergy and Immunology has some authoritative answers to these and many other questions.
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    Guide To Asthma

    The symptoms of asthma can vary not only between children but also from time to time in the same child, so it’s wise to be aware of all the possible symptoms.
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    How to Breathe Easy – Managing Asthma in Children

    This week our subject is asthma in children. How can parents help manage the symptoms and minimise the distress and suffering which the disease can cause?

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