1. Picnic
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    Have a Holiday weekend Picnic? Remember to use sunscreen, watch out for burns around the grill or campfire, and keep those pesky bugs away! Here is some helpful reading on these subjects: Food Safety for Warmer Weather Summer Safety Tips Grilling safety tips Are Natural Sunscreens and Insect Repellents Effective? What is Permethrin? Bug Bites Gone Fishing
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    Fireplace Glass Door Safety

    We often think about fire safety when it comes to fireplaces, but what about Burns? Contact burns , especially to the hands, can happen in an instant. It is recommended that fireplaces with glass doors not be used while children are present. Glass-fronted gas fireplaces can reach 392°F/ 200°C within 6.5 minutes of ignition and remain dangerously hot for more...
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    Burn Care

    Here we are at the end of Burn Awareness Week. We've discuss the importance of  Keeping Your Family Safe and provided a Checklist To Prevent Scald Burns and other burn avoidance tips, we explained how seniors and children are at the highest risk of scalds injuries, and even looked at Cooking Safety tips to avoid these injuries in the kitchen. Now what do you do if you...
  4. 10,000 Children Hospitalized with Burns
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    10,000 Children Hospitalized with Burns

    About 10,000 children are hospitalized annually with burn injuries... remember that burns don't only come from fire. During Burn Awareness Week this year, we want you to become more aware of scald hazards - from cooking, hot foods and liquids, steam and other risks like bathing. Every minute, someone in the United States suffers a burn injury serious enough to...
  5. Burns? 5 Easy Steps
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    Burns? 5 Easy Steps

    Nobody is a stranger to burns. Most burns are minor injuries that occur while at work or at home. However, burns can be very serious, permanently damaging (even minor ones when not cared for properly) and even lethal. it is important to know those few basic steps that could help heal the injury effectively. Here is what you should do...
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    Autumn Burn Safety Update and First Aid Burn Treatment Guide

    Fall means burns.. candles on Halloween, Sparklers (never a good idea,) camping fires, home fires in the hearth, cooking... its a Season fraught with burn peril. OK - enough drama. What should one do to treat a burn? Burn treatment will depend on the severity of the patient’s burn. First degree burns can typically be treated without professional medical attention...
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    Types of Burns

    There are different systems used to classify different types of burns. Before treating a burn, it is important to first identify the burn degree, cause of the burn, and scope of the tissue damage resulting from the burn. The main system for classifying types of burns is the degree of the burn, which ranges from first to fourth degree. Types...
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    Burn Safety

    According to the American Burn Association, each year more th?an 450,000 people are treated for burn injuries. About 75% of those injuries occur at home. Many serious burns are also accompanied by smoke inhalation injuries. In most cases, the injuries could have been less severe, or entirely prevented. Severe burn injuries are physically, financially, and psychologically devastating for patients and their families. Know about burns and how to treat them...

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