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    Flood Risk can be highest now as we approach Summer

    Did you know that more flooding can happen now at the end of Spring than at the beginning? It's true. Why not get Flood safety training for your group if you are at the coast or near a body of water? Nine Dangers at the Beach – Rip Currents | Shorebreak | Lightning | Tsunamis | Sharks | Jellyfish |...
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    National Oceans Month 🏄

    Many of our readers know we surf test our bandages, kayak test our water resistant first aid kits, and take our marine and boating kits out on the ocean for "real life" quality testing before we offer these products for sale. 🌊 The oceans, seas, and waterways are very dear to us, and we sponsor beach clean ups, wet lands preservation...
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    Sailboat Safety: What to Know if you aren't an Expert

    Spring is upon us, and we all want to get our an PLAY! Renting a sailboat and taking it out to sea can be a great way to spend your day... sailing can't be that hard, right? Hm. Be warned, it can also be dangerous if you don't follow a few simple rules. You don't want your amazing experience to...
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    Guidelines for Boating and Sailing Safety

    After having to put up with the cold, summer is finally here, a wonderful time where fun and outdoor activities are the order of the day. This is the season to get out of your homes, head to the beaches and into the sea, taking cruises and sailing into the sea on your boat, yacht or gulet. Though sailing into...
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    Gone Fishing

    Spring and Summer bring fish. Fishing isn't a dangerous sport, but as with any activity, especially activities held in the ever-changing out-of-doors, there are some safety tips which should be followed. Fishing has some unique hazards and injuries. (After all, you aren't likely to get mosquito bites and fish hook injuries at a quilting bee, now are you?) Fishing is relaxing...

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