Summary of Posts: March 24th 2013

We have some great topics coming your way for FirstAidMart this cycle. Learn about the pros and cons of bandages and leaving a cut exposed to open air. Get tips on how to prepare for an earthquake. Also hear the touching story of a man saved by the quick action and first aid knowledge of his co-workers. All this and more!

  • Keep a bandage on that cut, or leave it exposed to the open air so it can scab? This question comes up regularly for many people, and it should be no surprise that there are advantages to each. Learn arguments for both side from eHow.
  • Administration of the Seaman’s Protection Act has been transferred from the federal courts to OSHA. Learn about the new whistleblower procedures from The Maritime Executive.
  • Do you live in a place where the Earth likes to shake? If so, then you’ll benefit from checking out the CDC’s guide on earthquake preparedness!
  • Optimism is a virtue in most situations... but can it ever be a curse? Learn about how optimism might affect disaster preparedness in an article from
  • Are you looking at some real-world motivation to take a CPR course? Look no further! Learn about a man who was saved by quick-acting, and first aid savvy co-workers from The Miami County Republic.
  • Finally, we take a closer look at optimism. Why do we feel “safer” than our neighbor, and is it possible this leads us to under prepare in some situations?
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