Spring Snakes

Spring is here... we're heading outside. Watch out for snakes!

Snakes exist in almost every part of the world.  Of the approximately 8000 snake bites

Do you have a Snake Bite Kit? You should. Do you have a Snake Bite Kit? You should.

each year, however, fewer than 12 result in fatality.  This is due in part to the fact that about two thirds of all poisonous snake bites involve little or no venom; these are called “dry bites.”  Baby snakes are more dangerous in this regard as they have not yet learned to save their venom for prey.  If venom is injected, symptoms will begin rapidly and include pain, swelling, weakness, dizziness, fever, or chills.


The best protection is to wear high boots and think jeans when hiking in areas prone to snakes. Remember, while the snakes are not means and out to get you -- they are shy creatures that will protect themselves if you startle them.

In the event of snakebite, immediately remove all constricting clothing and jewelry from the extremity.  Wash the bite area with soap and warm water.  Keep wound site at or below heart level, and seek immediate medical attention.  Sometimes a constricting band may be used on snakebite, but it must not significantly affect circulation and it should be loose enough for you to slip your fingers underneath.

Do Not apply ice to snakebites, as it may crystallize the venom and compound the reaction.


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