Meteorological Spring is already upon us, and we remind our readers that Spring, while beautiful, is also a time of wild weather and related risks. We humans have been around long enough to know how to prepare and thrive, but as society advances, so do darwinistic tendencies... don't be "that guy" - don't rush to watch the tsunami, don't stand outside "oooohing" and "aaaahing" and the lightning storm, don't be the last one out of the pool or off the beach - it could be your last anything. Read these articles to prepare for Spring hazards: Tornadoes, floods, rip currents, lightning, and early season heat - spring is three months of danger that can imperil the unprepared. It roars in like a lion, rampaging across the United States throughout March, April and May. Get Ready. Read more: Severe Storms, Tornadoes, and Flooding – Disasters Abound – Be ReadyNatural Disasters and Severe Weather & the very popular - Nine Dangers at the Beach – Rip Currents | Shorebreak | Lightning | Tsunamis | Sharks | Jellyfish | Heat and Sunburn | Harmful Algal Blooms | Water Quality Spring