Spring (ending tomorrow) and Summer Fairs mean fun, funky food, rides, and safety concerns if you don't think and plan responsibly. Things to consider when heading to the fair:
  • Sunblock: Don't even go without slathering on the sunblock first - whether the weather forecast calls for beating sun or overcast skies - Frying isn't only in the food concessions at fairs... cover up! (Bring more along to apply through the day as well... sunscreen towelettes are great for this!)
  • Eat before you go! Fair food is fun, but you don't want to eat too much of that rich, greasy fare at the fair! make sure you've eaten something healthy before you head out.
  • Hydrate: Fair Food is salty, walking causes perspiration... A visit to the Fair is dehydrating. Drink water before you go. Bring water. (Concessions will sell you water, and there may be drinking fountains, but it is best to bring along your own, good quality drinking water bottles - they are one thing that even the most security-conscious Fairs will usually allow you to bring in.) Consider electrolyte tablets as well - great for helping you retain your moisture.
  • Dress sensibly. Wear good walking shoes with closed toes, dress for the weather forecast, but plan on change, bring a slip over long sleeve top, and don't forget to bring a hat to keep that sun off your head.
Fairs take many precautions to keep you and your family safe during your visit, including working with a variety of agencies to ensure compliance with all local, state, and federal regulations. Nevertheless, they are dealing with masses of people - be smart and protect yourself. Fair More: