Resuscitate a Housefly? Learn Fly CPR!

Really? Yep - here's how you can "resuscitate" a drowned fly...

You can learn a lot about a fly by using a few ingredients from around the house.

•Drowned Fly
•Paper Towel
•Popsicle Stick

STEP 1: Place a drowned fly on a white paper towel.
STEP 2: Cover the drowned fly with salt and consistently move the fly around in the salt with the popsicle stick until the fly starts moving.

Flies and other insects breathe through tiny openings along the sides of their abdomen called spiracles. These openings were filled with a liquid causing the fly to drown. The salt draws the liquid out of the spiracles allowing the fly to “breathe” again. Go to for more experiments that might get you and your family “Hooked on Science.”

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