Prepare for Wildfire Season - Free Tools

You can participate in Wildfire Community Preparedness Day, Saturday, May 6, by organizing an event to clear dried leaves and other flammable debris from your neighborhood.

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?    How to know if a Wildfire is near you.
?    Do you live in a Wildfire Prone Area?
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?    Stay healthy and safe during a Wildfire
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prepdaybannernewHelpful tools and tips are available from the National Fire Protection Association to develop a 2017 Wildfire Community Preparedness Day activity for your community, or organization.

  • prepdaylogo-500Before starting a project, it is important to review the safety tips and safety gear, which includes properly stacking firewood and wearing safety goggles.
  • The Preparedness Day customizable flyer provides an opportunity to add local event information. Download the flyer, fill in your project details and start distributing today!
  • Use the hashtag #WildfirePrepDay and share!.

To learn more, visit the U.S. Fire Administration Wildfire Safety page or download the Prepareathon How to Prepare for a Wildfire guide.

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