Pathogenic Microorganisms... sounds like either cool science, or science-fiction/horror, eh? BBPBloodborne Pathogens are a common concern in medical, as well as First Aid practices. Different types of Pathogen protections including Antimicrobial Wipes, Bloodborne Protection, Disinfectants, Fluid Control Solidifiers, BBP & Personal Protection Kits, Germicidal Wipes, Personal Protection Products & Sharps Disposal. Many of our Customers are asking about Ebola Prevention and Protection. HIV? BBP! Fighting against Airborne Pathogens includes protecting the eyes, nose, and mouth from contact as well as guarding against germs. We offer kits to prevent the spread of germs and pathogens as well as masks to adequately protect the face from contamination. Pandemic illnesses, such as Ebola, can outbreak at any given time, making active preparedness crucial! PEOPLE. PATHOGENS. PROTECTION: The biggest challenges are always the unknowns–the things we can’t predict, which seem to come out of nowhere and command our attention. I was called to Vietnam in 2003 when SARS struck... Not every outbreak grabs the headlines like SARS and Ebola. There are many diseases which rarely get talked about in the media, but which could be just as devastating if left unchecked. These diseases appear every day in all corners of the globe. You can think of it like a game of whack-a-mole – as soon as you bring down the hammer in one direction, something else pops up. We were focusing our resources on Ebola in West Africa, but we couldn’t let our guard down against all of these other diseases. In 2014 alone, CDC’s Global Disease Detection Centers assisted countries with 319 outbreaks. Only one of these was Ebola.... Read more from Joel Montgomery, PhD @ CDC