Food - We can't live without it, but it can kill, too. buffet-foodDramatically, we could point out Ebola being spread in meats, Botulism, or Puffer Fish deaths. But what about every day common foods? The FDA issues recalls daily for normal foods found in your supermarket. Listeria recalls have been through the roof the past year. What else? State and local health departments reported 818 foodborne illness outbreaks in 2013 alone; these outbreaks led to 13,360 illnesses, 1,062 hospitalizations, and 16 deaths. Consumers can help solve foodborne outbreaks; food receipts, labels, and shopper cards give investigators important clues about what made people sick. Health professionals can use CDC’s step-by-step guide to investigate outbreaks, along with a toolkit and tip sheets for effective interviewing and laboratory practices.